Recurring issue with disappearing UI

I recently started using Garuda KDE Dragonized for lower latency, and had a very positive experience setting everything up and restarting for it all to work perfectly! But a few days later, the power options in the top left menu disappeared, and upon rebooting through terminal and signing in, the super key didn't do anything anymore, and more things had disappeared.

I could see the desktop background, but nothing else. No dock, no top bar (not sure if there's a proper name for it, newbie moment), but I could still open programs after opening terminal with CTRL-ALT-T shortcut, and they all worked as intended.

I have reinstalled the OS since with the same success as last time, but a week later this all happened again, and the UI disappears in the same way! I'm guessing I pressed something by accident to hide it all, but I don't know what that would have been or how to revert it. Any ideas on why this keeps happening? :pensive:

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Type alt + space to run krunner

Then type
Latte dock
And launch it

It might happen that Latte dock may crash at startup.
So you need to manually start it.

@psifidotos is there anything that can be done.


I already reinstalled when the problem came back, and only just now realised how difficult this makes troubleshooting. Should have expected it, but it's too late now. Very sorry to bother :confused:

I will certainly try launching latte dock through krunner if the issue persists though, and I appreciate the fast response, you're the best! <3

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yes happens with me also sometimes but not frequently as yours, and starting latte dock through krunner does it

  1. psifidotos: Latte Dock v0.10.1 | Bug Fix Release says the proper way to autostart Latte
  2. If it persists then it is an applet that should be removed

Yeah sometimes too many applets make it happen, you would have to remove just one and it would be stable back again, in my case if you add one more plasmoid applet, and it would be unstable and stop responding