Recovering deleted folder in Garuda Linux

Hello everyone, im trying to recover a deleted folder in my Garuda Linux system and I'm using extundelete as a recovery software but when I try

sudo extundelete /dev/sda1 --restore-directory /home/hoshmand/Documents/Bekhwd

I get the following Error

extundelete: Bad magic number in super-block when trying to open filesystem /dev/sda1

The device or the partition that im trying to recover the folder from is not mounted and I'm using another bootable System to run the command but I still get the Error

thanks for helping.

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Garuda uses btrfs, not ext4.

Have you been taking snapshots of your home directory? If so, you can just pull that directory out of a snapshot


The Garuda forum is really not here to provide information/advice on data recovery. The user is the one responsible for creating full backups of important data. The forum's purpose is to offer advice regarding Garuda and its usage.

Having said that, one of the reasons I don't store my data on my btrfs partitions is the lack of good open source data recovery software that fully supports btrfs. There are some paid data recovery software alternatives available, but I do not have any recommendations I could pass along.

My personal recommendation is to not store your data on your btrfs partitions unless you are regularly backing up/mirroring the data to an external drive. My choice of file systems for my external platter storage drives is ext4. I use ext4 because it is far easier to recover data from a platter drive running ext4 than an SSD running btrfs. As well it is far cheaper per MB/GB/TB to purchase large platter drives than to buy large SSD drives. I simply link my large data drives into my home directory for easier access.

Then if I ever need to format or restore from a snapshot I will never lose any important data on my SSD (system) drive. Sorry I can't offer more helpful information, but this is precisely why I don't use BTRFS for data storage.

You may find some solid advice elsewhere by sifting the Internet, but recovery is generally not so easy from a btrfs drive for those not very familiar with data recovery methods. Here are a few good links with some recommendations:


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