Recommends for older laptop to install KDE version

Hope this is the right place to post as new to forum? Wondering if older used laptops I can use since this distro as is more resource intensive? Have a Thinkpad T450s i5/12gb I can install on. But it's a backup to my main Win10 machine Surface Pro 6.

Looking for small compact laptop Chromebook? Netbook? kind of smaller 12" kind of laptop can take to coffee shops on the bus etc... Usually grab my Surface Pro 6 at 12.3" and 2.4lbs. But would like something in same kind of form in size and weight strictly as my main Linux machine. So recommend manufacture model, cpu,graphics,ram for best and smooth performance.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. And if this is in wrong section I apologize.

if you want power then use a desktop with i5 3.30 gz 8 gb is enough for garuda it runs very smoothly
if laptop i recomenned the same
desktop - dell optiplex 790
Lenovo thinkpad T410 Core i5 -laptop add a extra 4 gigs of ram for smooth runnability

Thanks i figured a i5/8gb would give satisfactory results. Just hearing all this Garuda KDE is bloated as comes in at 1.25gb to desktop. If that is bloated I'm confused. As my Win10 comes in at 2.3gb to desktop. My old Manjaro KDE came in at 1.1gb.

I guess they forgot to think that Garuda using zram for performance enhancement? And didn't listen when Garuda team statement of "Empty Ram is Wasted Ram"

no it runs very smooth i run garuda on it not satisifaftiory
i5 3.30gz is very good
desktop is best

That's what I was saying i5 3ghz with 8gb of ram.

Please note if you're specifically looking at Chromebooks - they are not overly well supported by LInux oddly enough. Before you buy one, please make sure you will actually be able to use it. I had a Acer Edgar 14 for a long time as my little carry around laptop - it was ok. GalliumOS was by far the best experience on it. So, BEFORE buying any Chromebook for the purpose of adding Linux, check the hardware compatability please. Otherwise you may just be wasting your money. Especially new ones, Google has gone out of their way to lock the bootloaders in such a way, they are NOT easy to break and get into. Many older ones require you to take apart the computer and remove the write protect screw, so if you're not someone who feels taking apart a computer is something yo ucan do, it may be better to look for another laptop.

Thanks for the heads up and Yep not leaning towards them as they don't appear to be able to cover the heavier DE's distro's.

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