Read-only bootable image

Yesterday I created Garuda bootable usb using Rufus, for sure reason the bootable usb is not booting at my Lenovo device, so I thought to firmat it and try another way of creating the bootable usb, but looks I stuck and can not format the usb any more, I tried formatting it using Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, but all failed and now my 32GB usb is no more usable, it is shoeing the capacity to be 4MB!

Any support please. Thanks

Use, it work fine also for Windows.

Thanks, But how can I format my usb so that I can try ventory, does this mean my usb is damaged and I've to purchase another one, can not it be fixed!

You use only ventoy, it will format the USB Stick for you.

BTW, M$ cant read the Linux file format and show wrong values.


it did not first the usb and gave an error :frowning:

More details please.
Did you try gparted or dd?
There are many ways.


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