RE-ENABLES THE autofreq after update

is there a way to auto update in garuda linux because it is really annyoing to update manually everyday! literally everyday!
SEE THE PROBLEM IS EVERYTIME UPDATING IT RE-ENABLES THE autofreq which then i have to disable again after every update
this is the main issue

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If you are asking such a question, perhaps a rolling distro is not for you. Simply disable the update notifier if this bothers you that much. Then update once a week when its convenient. Just be sure to always install individual packages with:

sudo pacman -Syu <package_name>

This question has been asked many times before on rolling distros. The reason its not done is the user is required to do manual interventions sometimes during updates. It is dangerous to blindly have a blanket yes answered to all questions.

Feel free to search for a method to accomplish this if you wish. It's far from impossible (but not recommended).


Believe me, it's important to know what is updated and when (if something breaks). I reiterate from tbg that if you can't/don't care to do this, then probably a rolling distro is not for you.
Run something on a fixed release schedule, Ubuntu or it's derivatives, or possibly Manjaro (curated releases).


"If you are asking such a question, perhaps a rolling distro is not for you". ?? Really? :slight_smile: This is a really nice distro dont ruin it with ridiculous snobbery. Plus it should NOT break! Why do you excuse you own lack of testing for a lack of auto updates. Sks, pls dont listen, not all techs believe linux should be unfinished and just a hobby. A good question and should be implemented.

What is however true is that complaining about available updates is quite useless. Yes, our builder updates most packages hourly so if there has been changes you get those right away if you want to - which is definitly better than getting them months later.
Im running loads of -git packages which means I can update every hour. However I can also do this weekly if I want to, doesnt really matter since nobody forces the update.
If you still want automatic updates there is something like this for example


Yes, but you shouldn't do that. There are many changes that require you to consider the effect. As an Arch-based distro, Garuda follows the upstream software, and when the upstream software changes configuration files then you need to change configuration files - that can't be done automatically.

This seems to be a separate issue, and one that is being addressed. Have patience.


I'm not sure you've understood the purpose or aims of Garuda - this isn't a "polished" corporate distribution like Red Hat or Ubuntu.

If that's what you're expecting then you're in the wrong place. But that's fine - use what best meets your needs.


Then mention it on your website. Please state "This distribution is not tested properly, has a bad DevOps model, we dont add in any validations within our sprints, etc ...."
Tell people you are making useless buggy distro please :slight_smile:

You actually have a lovely build here. Built in boot recovery using timeshift .... a real step in the right direction. But please dont excuse incompetence with accepted delivery. if you cannot delvier a stable piece of code then make it a beta or alpha, dont waste people's time by withholding the actuality of the situation, be honest maybe? :slight_smile:

What the hell dude. There is a distict difference between these statements and reality. :eyes:
Instead of trash talking start contributing your great ideas please. Im looking forward to this :blush:
If it doesnt fit your needs simply choose another distro. Thats the beauty of Linux after all, having a thousands of choices for every taste.

That doesnt make the statement better btw.


actually i dont remember ever telling you to install it ?


I wanted to post an animated gif of eating popcorn and watching this thread..but I decided to say something that might be more meaningful (or maybe not).
I get what the OP is saying, I mean quite a number of times I've caught logical errors or typos that have been committed to the GITs and propagated by updates. However, I also get that this is a hobby distro made because you folks want to do it. I know you're not getting paid and we (all of us) really have no right to yell and scream and demand you do better.
Ok, points made (for both sides) and I hope no one hates me for being honest. Did I contribute or just throw kerosene on the burning twigs?


Throwing insults is never going to be an approach that will promote purposeful discussion.

I look forward to your contributions in testing the distribution.


my opinion maybee im wrong :
im a Linux noob and its also first time i use a arch based distro b4 only mint or ubuntu . Bec i was aware of arch bec as i read its for linux experts . But i was surprised on it .
And as i read b4 i installed garuda its a rolling distro that get fast updates what also means it can have some bugs .
So i wondering if u want a stable full tested distro why choose an ARCH based distro ?
If u need stable and full tested updates then u should not use ARCH based distros . better use debian or mint bec there updates testet and stable.
At the other point u must wait long till u get the updates then .. on Garuda u get it very fast .
So i think here no one waste u time ... bec u choose it and u should have know it b4 that it is a rolling distro with newest updates that can cause problems . That why u have timeshift its really helpfull .

And its my expirence if a bug is report they fix it very fast or if posibble they give u a workaround till its fixed .

And the devs do it on free time they no paid programmers and its a small team no big company with high paid programmers and many of betatesters .
but the really helpfull on problems even u a noob if u ask nice and not be insulting like u.

And maybee if u afraid to broke something on an update then wait a few days and look if someone report an error .
just my 2cents


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