RDNA 3 support

Hello Garuda users.

The installation ISO file doesn't yet contain the drivers for the new 7000 series radeon graphics. So I can't install the system because it fails during kernel initialization.

(They are already in the main repository Arch Linux - linux-firmware 20221214.f3c283e-1 (any), I read about it here PC won't boot if slotting in new GPU / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums)

I would like to ask when the ISO could be updated, or if I should insert another graphic, install and update the system, and then change the graphics again.

Thank you for the advice.

There are development ISOs on the build server, but I highly suggest you use another GPU in the mean time to install the system and run through the setup assistant before then switching to the new GPU.

There is currently some rather stalled progress on making new ISO files due to some major release preparations.


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