Razer synapse

ok, im new to linux all together. can anybody point me in the right direction to download the razer synapse app so i can keybind the tartarus gamepad. i know there is a app for linux but how and where can i download it

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Check this Arch wiki article, if this is what you need (i’m not a gamer :smiling_face:).
If so, the AUR package could be installed with

paru razercfg

Exit PKGBUILD preview with button q and confirm installation.
The other suggested package should be

paru openrazer-meta-git

Razer + Linux support…you’re really funny :smile:

Jokes aside: Razer Synapse is not available for Linux.

There are a few open source projects, the most well-known and comprehensive is openrazer - which also supports Tartarus, Tartarus V2 and Tartarus Chroma:

Install with:

sudo pacman -S openrazer-daemon openrazer-driver-dkms python-openrazer

I’m not a gamer either btw…


when i type in any commands i keep getting "blackarch’ is not valid(valid or corrupted data base

Please post the log from garuda-inxi and cat /etc/pacman.conf from terminal as text.

  • After rebooting, post the FULL output of garuda-inxi in the body of the post (not linked externally, or collapsed with the “hide details” feature)
  • Format terminal output (including your garuda-inxi) as a code block by clicking the preformatted text button (</>) , or put three tildes (~) above and below the text
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like i said im new to linux so i have no clue how to do that


Too bad you think so, we are here in the Garuda Linux forum. We try to solve Garuda Linux problems, we are not a general forum to teach people Linux.
Without initiative you will not have fun with a rolling distribution.
You should better start with Ubuntu and learn the Linux basics on their good help pages

I’m moving the topic.


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