Ran into Grub Rescue

I had 3 partition. Two of them for storage and one of them had Garuda. I just tried to combine both partition. I didn't change anything to Garuda partition.

After I boot, it get into Grub Rescue thing.

Though I reinstalled the Garuda os. But wondering what I did wrong?
Did I deleted something important related to Garuda to function?

Could you recheck the issue template please?


Way too little in the way of information, how did you do what.
We are not psychics :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for replying.

According to templete.

I didn't know that I needed to post the output of "garuda-inxi". Since I completely reinstalled Garuda. I thought it would be irrelevant to post it now. Not sure If I'm right.

I'm sorry :pensive:. I thought I clearly stated my problem. It seems I was wrong.

I used windows disk manager to merge two partition into one. Garuda had different partition but after booting, the system ran into something "rescue grub". It's fix now. I was just wondering if I did something wrong that cause this and what can be the reason behind it. That's it.

If I'm still doing something wrong. Sorry.

I have been in different forums like zorin, mint and I never had to post a output :confused: that's why I didn't know that how here it work. I'll read the template and follow what it says next time.

Sorry for inconvenience :pray:

Maybe /etc/fstab needed to be updated with the new partition info.
Hard to say though.


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