Ram usege on startup i3

Is this normal?

  • OS: Garuda Linux
  • WM: i3
  • RAM usege ~750 mb

for instance, I have a machine that is running Manjaro XFCE and it takes only 500 MB of ram on startup.

So is this normal for Garuda to use this amount of ram?

I have never used the I3 version of Garuda as I'm stricly a KDE kind of guy (or perhaps Lxqt). My guess would be that is fairly normal for Garuda I3, because Garuda is optimized for performance (not frugality).

Unless you're running it on a 15 year old peace of hardware it really shouldn't matter. Garuda does really not recommend installing on less than 4 GB of RAM, and if your rig has that it certainly shouldn't be an issue, Garuda is not designed for ancient hardware. It is optimized for newer performance gaming machines.


yep, this is completely normal, as we use zram for performance reasons.



It's right there on the Download page: