Quick self-introduction

Hey, it’s me :wave:

I’ve wanted to ditch Windows for a few years and this year I pulled the trigger. I dabbled in Mint about 5 years ago and used Ubuntu live CD sometimes at work. I first started with just pure Arch, did a few re-installs and configurations on that, then checked out Manjaro but didn’t really like that. Started looking around at other Arch based distros and saw Garuda…

… and now I’ve been using Garuda Linux for about 3 months (I think) and it’s been what I’ve been looking for pretty much 98.9% of the way. (1.1% is taken care of with dot files :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s been interesting trying to figure out all the Linux things but it’s getting easier. Thank you for all the contributors to Garuda Linux, Arch and the all the kernels.




Me too, welcome :slight_smile: