Questions in sway

How to disbale that yellow theme in sway? when i launch sway after a few seconds the color changes to yellowish.. and which package you use for that power icon to display settings?

Could it be "night color"?
Check this thread if you want to remove that feature:

Again, you have not provided the garuda-inxi as requested.
If this continues, the next topic will be binned.


i dont think providing garuda-inxi for this question makes sense.. as this is not a problem and a question which you answered. and you can tell what were you gonna do with that info for answer of this question?

I am a moderator, and it is within my full right to try to enforce the rules.
I have more than once seen root causes of issues found simply in seemingly insignificant details of garuda-inxi.
It is true that sometimes it may seem unnecessary (and I have tried to propose an idea anyway, maybe it wasn't right, but it's a starting point and an effort to help), but following the rules is a form of respect.


@notwidow this is not a Sway installation, this is a Gnome installation which you have intentionally broken.

Do not open any more threads about this installation.

Do not open any more threads without your garuda-inxi, even if you do not understand the significance of it.