Question regarding multi-monitor config with two gpu's

Hi there! Firstly, I'd like to thank any responders for their assistance, I appreciate it a ton. I'm a soon-to-be former windows power user and I'm going to begin my journey into linux with Arch after seeing its recommendations and appearances, once I build my new computer soon. I'm planning on using the cinnamon version of garuda, since I like it's appearance the most.

Is it possible to have two gpu's outputting separately to two monitors, but having it act as the same desktop?
(essntially, I'm after the same effect as having two monitors plugged into one gpu but having the output split between two.)

I'm planning on using a two-monitor setup with a KVM. When not using the virtual machine, I would like to have my left monitor display normally and the left serve as a screen extension (both connected to one gpu). When using the VM, I owuld like the left monitor to output the VM's display and the right as a hypervisor. Is this something that could feasibly be configured?

I'll be using a pair of NVIDIA gpu's as well.

Apologies if this is something that's already been answered, I just really didn't know how to look for it exactly or if there's a technical term for any of this.

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