Question -- Non-M1

Okay I don't have the linux yet install on this Mac OS 2015
I used the other Mac 2014 which was okay but dragged slowly lmao

my question is the linux becoming more issue for older Macs now? I mean with limited of ram is 4GB I think its DDR3 not even sure tho

but idk if the linux ( newer ones ) will work as ubuntu, and linux mint just hangs now

even the older os, is okay, but it does not work well with hardware..

the Mac air 2015 having these issues
one, Webcam does not work anymore even with the new AUR packages..
2) the WIFI only works if u are using ur phone ??? mobile phone to use USB to main
3) the fans are kick on high??? not sure if there's a way to slower it
4) the battery is not even right.. am at 100% on Mac OS full charged but on linux its shows as 40%? not sure if the pack is bugged or what not..

and last I hope we can find a OS that can support older Macs with limited SSD and ram of lower to 1 GB to 2GB then using 4GB ram it self

Start searching the web, please.

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ah I see what u added lmao my iPhone sucks on VPN block URL my bad haha :slight_smile: thank you

is there one for intel i5 for Mac air 2015? as I don't see a list yet

Oops, only for new M1/2, but as I write, search in web.
Maybe we have here 3-4 Mac user :smiley:

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hahaha no worries mate, that is why I asked in case someone here may know... :slight_smile:

Just edited the OP to remove the template text. I tried to strikethrough but sometimes I go crazy with the mobile :wink:


OOOF!!!! mobile is just mobile -- who needs it anyway haha

I generally think of Debian when you want to get Linux running on old, poorly-supported, or oddly configured hardware. I guarantee you can get Debian on your Macbook. Here is an example of some documentation from their Wiki:


I mean, I got this OS working on it, but the downside is the ram use, the issue with deb, it not working with my BL ( black lighting) as well keyboard light as well the webcam...

I mean, the deb is good for older systems but, they lack on updates ???

For 2nd one, try this:

sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms

and reboot. Then

sudo modprobe -rf bcma b43
sudo modprobe wl
sudo modprobe -f wl
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I used that Mac too, 3rd point was opposite for me, the fans refused to kick on even at 100 C + unless temps were high for a few minutes. What was Apple thinking :thinking: