Question about testing newly updated core packages

Hi folks,
I know it's not much Garuda but more Arch, but I was wondering how the testing was made, once some core packages/ system components were updated and released for release update.

Given that this system constantly evolves, are there some complete framework of non regression testing when developers submit new changes? How does a new package change can be tested with "current snapshot of existing packages up to date to now"?

I am not sure I am clearly expressing what I am wondering, but maybe some of you have some answer elements?
Thanks and have a nice day.



Yep, this is what I just found this too: Arch Testing Team - ArchWiki (
It's really about manual testing and contributions from users. This is great, but does not seem to have some kind of automated non regression frameworks.
Interesting though.

I thus put it on, solved.


This is actually what is the best answer to my question:
Reproducible builds - ArchWiki (

Reproducible builds are not regression tests, they're for checking that software is built in a repeatable way (i.e. you get the exact same thing each time the software is built).

It's also not how testing is done in Arch, which was your original question.


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