Question about specific containers

Is it possible to assign webpages to specific containers so that they always open in a new tab within that container?

In FF, this was an option within the extension, but I don't see the extensions icon in FireDragon.

What the name of this extension?

Did you search about in add-ons?

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Good question.

I was following this post, but while the container functionality is in FireDragon, I don't see the extensions button so I am not able to interact with it for the specific configuration mentioned in the post below.

I might be misunderstanding the question, but if you type about:preferences#containers into the address bar of the browser it will bring you to the page where you can create or edit settings for container tabs.

The extensions button is a little puzzle-piece icon down in the corner, if you need to add an extension.

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This screen-shot shows that the containers extension appears to not be installed.

Here is a cropped screen-shot showing that containers are definitely being used.

What's missing is the ability to associated pages with specific containers, hence my original question.

I don't understand, what is preventing you from installing the extension?

Well, since the container functionality is already present, I didn't try to install the extension. Any conflicts with doing this?

Container Tabs are built in to Firefox, and do not require an extension. Everyone has them automatically.

Some extensions add additional features on top of the built-in functionality that container tabs provide--automatically sorting specific domains into a container, or specialized behavior for certain kinds of websites. If you search "container" in the Firefox browser add-ons page, there are more than a thousand options to install.

It sounds like you were using a specific add-on. If it was something you liked, install it!


That was a change in Firefox/Firedragon a while back. The core container functionality is included even without the extension.

No. This should be fine. I have it installed.


I'll take a look at the container related options, but according to the mozilla post I linked to earlier, the configuration I'm looking for should already be there.

Thanks. I'll give this a try.

Thanks for everyone's input, it's very much appreciated.

That Mozilla post is from 2018. Back then, you needed the extension to enable the container functionality.


Good catch. I usually limit my search to the past year, but I didn't do that this time.

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