Question about paru

I've been told by many that one should not use yay to update the system. Never told why, but still.

Does this also apply to paru, given it's an evolution of yay?

Yes. The only reason is that it upgrades apps from not only repos but also AUR.


Thank you!


I think that's a simplistic answer.
If you have apps from the AUR and you want to keep them upgraded, then you have to do something...I don't think paru is inherently evil, I use it.
Informed opinions?

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Been using yay for more than 4 years now and paru for about a year.
Both will update the os files first and then update the aur without any fails or bugs.
You can always update the main os first then reboot and then update the aur but I have never needed to.
Some people will build the aur files from scratch which is the recommended way.


I have an alias of paru:

alias paru="paru --combinedupgrade --batchinstall --sudoloop"

(Not to mention, I also included --skipreview --removemake --cleanafter flags for my personal needs)
Till now updating AUR and repo's packages didn't break anything with this.

Just to be different, I do updates separately:

pacman -Syu


yay -Sua

so that I know what is coming from where. Over here on Garuda, there are VERY few AUR packages that aren't already tracked/built in chaotic-aur that I might want...


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