Question about garuda-update config settings

Preliminaries: I've done a forum search on "garuda-update" and "skipmirrorlist" and it gave only a hint of a solution but not the details, hence this post.

Request: I would like to be able to manually refresh mirrorlist, then have garuda-update skip its mirrorlist step. Where/how do I set garuda-update to "SKIPMIRRORLIST=true", as I saw in

I'm on my 2 year old KDE-Lite VM install (it's so old the zsh alias for "upd" points to a command and not "/usr/bin/update", which I'm fine with). I generally use garuda-update to update my system and it works fine.

However, today's garuda-update didn't work so well. After the first part (updating the keyrings, which went fine), the rest of the update stopped because it was unable to complete download of a package, with the usual error message about the download speed being too slow. I was surprised because garuda-update first checks and updates the mirrorlist. So I manually updated mirrorlist in Garuda Assistant, and I chose about 6 countries I generally trust to look for good mirrors from.

Then, being rather brainfogged today, I ran garuda-update again, which of course started to recheck the mirrors all over again. I stopped that process, manually updated mirrorlist again, and then updated with sudo pacman -Syyu. With the manually created mirrorlist, the downloads were very quick.

So I went looking for ways I could avoid the mirror check in garuda-update, and found the post that I quoted above. However, there are no config files for garuda-update in my $HOME/.config [including in the "garuda" subfolder], nor $HOME, nor $HOME/.local. Neither did I see anything possibly relevant in /etc/.

I tried

man garuda-update

but there were no instructions.

I opened the script in /usr/bin/garuda-update, but I have only a limited understanding. In line 28, there is a conditional command (IF something, THEN run ....), which mentions SKIPMIRRORLIST. That's the only mention in the script so I'm still not sure where I set that to "true".

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We have a wiki btw: Garuda Update | Garuda Linux wiki


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