Pycharm - Community and Proffessional together

I need to have both of PyCharm apps - Community and Proffesional but I can't install them togheter. When PyCharm CE is installed already and I'm trying to install Pycharm Pro Software Manager require to remove PyCharm CE.

I'm not familiar with linux console, especially in ArchLinux. Until I've discovered Garuda I've been using Ubuntu/Mint.

Distro is Garuda KDE Dragonized.
I'm using it for few days at the time.

Sorry, english is not may native laguage.

Hi there, welcome!
Since you have a paid professional version, maybe you can ask support to the vendor?
If it is only a matter of licenses maybe you can try to use two different users.
No other ideas...

Packages usually conflict when they keep files in the same places so those packages can't be installed at the same time.

One, easy solution would be to install one of them using flatpak. They are both available in flathub.

sudo pacman -Syu flatpak --needed
sudo flatpak install flathub com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional 

Okay, sorry, I forgot to turn my brain back on after lunch....

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I think ( but I'm not sure ) it's OS dependent "feature" not application.
On other distros ( Ubuntu, Mint ) it works well and I was able to install both of them.

It is the way they are packaged by the maintainer(s).

That being said, if you don't like my recommendation above of using flatpak for one of them, you could also install one of them manually into you home directory. I think the flatpak solution is easier in this case though.

Alternatively, you could create your own PKGBUILDs which don't conflict.


I replied it to @filo

I'm in progress with flatpak and when it finish I'll write how it works

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Thank You @dalto !
It works as expected.


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