Pulse Effects legacy doesn't work after update june'21

After last update, who changed pulseaudio-alsa, Pulse Effects stops working. I've uninstalled and now I can't compile it from AUR, it says that need to remove pulseaudio-equalizer and it needs to uninstall pulseaudio-support. My hardware can't recognize Pipewire on Garuda Dr460nized (on Manjaro Gnome pipewire works fine). How I should proceed?

For PulseAudio use pulseeffects-legacy, current version only works with pipewire

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You could also try installing

sudo pacman -S pipewire-support

@binarydepth, I use legacy version, it was exactly that one which stopped working. I know that the most recent version uses only Pipewire

@librewish , I don't know why, but pipewire doesn't work correctly wiht my laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 3421. I've already tried to make it works with Garuda Assistant. At this moment I am using just Alsa, with Pipewire-dummy and Pulseeffects (regular version, not legacy), but the app doesn't load at all

Pulseeffects does crash on me with a SIGKILL signal. I just needed noise reduction so I am using NoieTorch.

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With me simply doesn't load at all - just like Pulse with Pipewire when it had upgraded or now, with Pipewire-dummy. I think it may have something of a conflict with Alsa, but it's just a hunch

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