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Hi Newbie here ,I'm trying to install ProtonVPN ,following instructions on their website for arch based distros I entered the command - pamac update --force-refresh on the terminal and get the response "pamac" is not found locally - error no repo files found . Not sure what I'm doing so thought i would ask for help!

Please post a link to the instructions you are trying to follow, as well as the output of your garuda-inxi.

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sudo pacman -S protonvpn-gui
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Weird that they would included a non-standard command for Arch. :thinking:

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Pamac is not included with Garuda. You are best to use the pacman package manager which is included in every Arch based distro. If the package you are trying to install is from the AUR, then you will need to use one of the various AUR helpers.

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The instructions appear to be geared toward Manjaro users--that explains why they would suggest using Pamac (on purpose).

Since it is in the chaotic-aur, @mrvictory's suggestion is the best solution I think (protonvpn-cli is in the chaotic-aur too, if you want to set it up headless or would just prefer not running the GUI version).


Hi and thank you for your fast responses Mr victorys answer work perfectly, I have posted the link to the Proton website instructions if you care to look at them How to install the ProtonVPN Linux app on Archlinux and Manjaro 19

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