Protonvpn gui issue

Hello,Protonvpn is running fine in terminal but proton vpn gui(GitHub - calexandru2018/linux-gui-legacy: (Discontinued in favor of official client) GTK3 GUI client with systray, for ProtonVPN. Works on top of linux-cli.) is not working at all.(Using Garuda KDE)
Just not connecting...

Any fix is possible?

After using that command protonvpn gui opens but not working at all. And that error log I have attached in previous post.

Please, no pictures from terminal in- and output.
Open Issues on github.

IDK. Firewall???

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I have not changed any firewall setting.

It's just an idea, but shut down the FW and restart proton.


To try and help you -

On that page, it clearly states - We strongly recommend using our Linux VPN command-line tool which makes it easy to connect on Linux machines


Two additional things:

  1. Post text output as text;
  2. Don't run GUI applications using sudo unless you have a specific reason to.

Strange , it is working for me
If not installed using pamac , remove protonvpn-gui
Reinstall protonvpn-gui from pamac
Enter email, password in the gui app
Dont modify any settings
Press quick connect
It will work

This issue is from 7 months ago so hopefully the OP has solved it by now.

If not, using pamac to install it, is unlikely to be an actual solution....