Programs opening when I boot PC

This is just a minor issue I was hoping to get assistance on.

Whenever I turn on my PC, I'm always greeted with two instances of the Garuda Welcome program, even though I don't have the "Show this dialog at start up" button checked.

It is a bit annoying, and was hoping that there's a simple solution to resolve that. One thing I considered is just uninstalling the Welcome screen, but I don't know if the system would even allow me to do that, or if it might break something.

Also on a different PC of mine, I'm having a situation where every time I start that one I get the Dolphin file manager popping up, with it always opened up to a specific folder. There's no reason for it to be opening by itself every time I start that PC.

Did you check the settings? In KDE (assuming dr460nized) settings there are two places to look.

The first one is the autostart, which should be obvious.

The second thing is, to check if KDE is set to restore the previous session or start with a clean one. This should be also in session settings somewhere.
if the previous session is restored, all programs will be launched again. That comes in mind especially with the dolphin thing.

Also, please post the garuda-inxi. So we do not have to guess that much.


No, I'm using the KDE-lite iso, which according to the download page there is no support for. The dr460nized iso is completely ridiculous, and bloated as all hell.

I checked the autostart, and I believe that's where my problem was coming from, with me removing the thing from the list. I haven't restarted my pc to check, but I imagine that's probably it.

I'll have to check that on my other PC later on, but I don't think that'd be the issue, since I close Dolphin every single time I see it open, and I always close out of everything on screen before shutting off that PC. I even have the Dolphin setting for it to open on the home directory when launched, but it always opens to a random folder in my downloads folder every time I turn the pc on.

Did you sign up here to get help or to insult the developers?

Nobody forced you to install Garuda Dragonized.

Your problems are home-made and no one else has them.

In the template you were told that requests without garuda-inxi could be deleted, @garfonso also asked you again.

I move your request and ask you kindly but last time to edit your post and add the garuda-inxi, as text.


SGS is right, find a more respectful way to say what you want to say. Obviously many folks in this community really enjoy the Dr460nized spin, so you look rather foolish barging in and saying it is completely ridiculous.

This is exactly right, I have marked the solution. @Kenobiwan in your case it sounds like you may have both of these enabled simultaneously, causing the session reload to launch one Garuda Welcome and the autostart to launch another. If you think your issue is something else, or you need help changing your settings, edit your post to include the garuda-inxi and we can take another look.


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