Profile pictures doesn't change in KDE theme

The profile picture of the SDDM is not getting updated when I change my user profile picture. The same with the application launcher and when I want to turn off or restart.

I was reading there was a bug with KDE when you try to change the user account settings. When you try to change the picture it says "there was an error while saving changes" so I tried to change with Garuda settings manager, and it seems that it worked, but it is only changing in KDE users option, no in the places previously mentioned.

I believe you can just drop a .face or .face.icon file in your home folder. I have both, but i think that was because i just threw the kitchen sink at the problem when I first was setting up my computer.

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There is a bug report here for this, but interestingly if you read through to the bottom it appears KDE is considering it fixed and they are blaming this issue for any distro still experiencing the bug.


Doesn't changing at all. At least in the places that I previously mentioned. Although In KDE users the profile picture IS changed. I think I will change the theme just for testing if it works that way.

Yeah, maybe that bug broke the other places. It's not critical, but it looks bad that you cannot change your profile picture directly from that KDE config.



If you don't like these KDE bugs just wait a bit and they will be fixed. Then you'll get to be annoyed with the new bugs they introduced in their stead. LOL :smiley:

Well, I guess it's better than GNOME Shell, anyway...


That is pretty much how I've been looking at it... KDE breaks often but the functionality is so much nicer than a boring stable GNOME. :stuck_out_tongue:


Definition of an "oxymoron."