Problems with the weather widget and VLC

I'm using the KDE Dragonized Edition. I'm pretty sure these problems started since the upgrade to KDE Plasma 5.25

  • The font size for the plasma5-applets-weather-widget-2 is too small. This happens intermittently. Sometimes it will be the correct size (same size as the time and date) and sometimes it will be too small. I'm using the default Latte Dock. I tried installing the git version and even the old original version and nothing helps. There is a font size setting in the widget, but it doesn't work. I tried increasing the font size within KDE Plasma settings, that doesn't work either. The only way to make it bigger is to increase the panel size, but then everything gets bigger, so that's not a good solution.

  • The global menu doesn't work for VLC in Wayland. It only works in X11.

Quick question, how often does firefox-appmenu get updated? I noticed that it doesn't get updated very often.

Hi there,

You would need to provide the output of garuda-inxi and split your post in 2 different threads: one for the Widget font issue and the other for the VLC issue. Having more than one issue in one thread is too confusing.

But I can say for the VLC issue you would probably have to look in KDE forums or even log a bug at If something works in X but doesn't in Wayland, that's usually the best place to start. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks. I will probably just wait until the problems hopefully get resolved. The widget still works, it's just more of an annoyance. And I'm using Haruna now until VLC hopefully gets fixed.

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