Problems with mounting a second Harddrive: Partition-Type "unknown"

I have a bit of an issue integrating a previously functional NTFS-Formatted Harddrive into my system and i am on the look for a tip towards what I should research to get it back up and running:

I have a secondary NTFS-formatted Harddrive in my Laptop which I want to integrate into my freshly installed Garuda Dragonized Gamer. Previously this Harddrive contained datafiles required for programs running in my previously existing Windowsinstallation (including several dozen Gigabytes of Music, Samples and (backed-up) Projectfiles for FL Studio).

The drive didnt show up right away in Dolphin so I tried mounting via Commandline with

sudo mount /dev/sda  /mnt/ntfs1/

to the directory /mnt/ntfs1/ which i created previously for exactly this purpose.

The Mount failed with following Notice:
wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda, missing codepage or helper program, or other error

I looked up the drive in Partitionmanager, which reported an unknown fs-type. (Screenshot included)

sudo fdisk -l reported the following:

Festplatte /dev/sda: 931,51 GiB, 1000204886016 Bytes, 1953525168 Sektoren
Festplattenmodell: ST1000LM048-2E71
Einheiten: Sektoren von 1 * 512 = 512 Bytes
Sektorgröße (logisch/physikalisch): 512 Bytes / 4096 Bytes
E/A-Größe (minimal/optimal): 4096 Bytes / 4096 Bytes
Festplattenbezeichnungstyp: gpt
Festplattenbezeichner: 500004F2-AAD2-4E81-9269-0E86E62B3BA0

Gerät      Anfang       Ende   Sektoren  Größe Typ
/dev/sda1      34       2081       2048     1M Microsoft LDM-Metadaten
/dev/sda2    2082     262177     260096   127M Microsoft reserviert
/dev/sda3  262178 1953525134 1953262957 931,4G Microsoft LDM-Daten

Partition 1 beginnt nicht an einer physikalischen Sektorgrenze.
Partition 2 beginnt nicht an einer physikalischen Sektorgrenze.
Partition 3 beginnt nicht an einer physikalischen Sektorgrenze.

(Partition x does not start at a physical Sectorborder)...

To make sure i did not somehow damage the FS i plugged the harddrive into my Windowsmachine, where it works fine, i can access and index all files + their contents.

Now my question would be: where did i f*** up in the process and how do I make sure i prevent this issue from happening again with other drives in the future?

Irrelevant: I could just reformat the drive but i would rather not do that if possible: Backing up all the files currently on the drive will take a long time (my Backupdrive is rather slow) plus it would erase the issue - yes - but not help me understand how to prevent it from happening again.

EDIT: someone on the ubuntuforum recommended trying to delete the partition and recreating it.
In line with jonathans comment Windows does not save standard NTFS but a Filesystem with name Microsoft-LDM with NTFS-characteristics.
Garuda wont recognize it as an NTFS, obviously. Thats why i will create a fresh NTFS on the same drive.

This is a HUGE RISK and i recommend NOT doing it unless you know what you are doing AND have backed up ALL your files previously. This time i will not create the NTFS-Filesystem in Windows but instead i will create a new NTFS-Structure within Linux to maybe avoid the issue on either side.

ADD: yes, deleting Microsofts LDM-Partitions and setting up an entirely new NTFS-Filestructure via KDE-Partition-Manager made it possible to access my files from both Windows and Garuda.

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You should probably start by finding out what this partition type is. It's not the usual FAT or NTFS.


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