Problems typing some symbols like tilde, backtic and single quote

I have a ANSI keyboard (WASD V3 104) and in the Garuda-settings > Keyboad Settings I have it set for English (US) | English (US, alt, intl.) and have a problem typing a ~ or backtick character, in which case I need to double press that key to get it. If I press it once, it will show ~ with an underline and as soon as I press another key such as / for example it will disappear such as when if I am cdíng into a directory cd ~/dev/haskell and I am unsure what is causing this to happen. I am running the Garuda Ultimate XFCE edition. I do use the Colemak-DH Layout however not via system settings or xkb but rather my keyboard has been programmed for this layout, thus I always choose QWERTY or system default as my keyboard handles this internaly. I don´t see how this would make a difference. I also noticed while writing this that I have the same problem typing ´

Does anyone know how I can go abouts troubleshooting this problem? Have you encoutered this behaviour before?

Yes, and using 'US, Alt, Intl.' was the problem :slight_smile:
Change to std for the normal US experience (us/us/pc105 for me).
This was my problem only last week after I made a bad choice during installation (thinking as you did...hey this is what I want...well it wasn't).

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Thank you all, especialy @dbarron that did the trick:) . @slipsnip not a surgeon thankfully :slight_smile: its an old nick name I used to use when I was a Gamer, I am a recovering gamer, about 3 months sober thus far. That is I dont game anymore but I still use the name on forums and github. Will do a proper introduction in the appropiate forum category.