Problem with the Canon MF3010

In the cups control interface web page, try to create a new printer.
In the list of available/recognized options, look for other entries for this printer.
Printers usually provide more than one option/protocol for communication. It happens that printer helper utilities do not always choose the best for the system.

Use cups interface for any further troubleshooting.


I did as you said. Now there are 2 printers in the list. I tried to print the page again. Now both printers are just idle, although both have a task.

My point was to look for a different address/protocol in cups registered list.
Was there only one (the one with the usb://) protocol?
If so, I have no better idea :person_shrugging: .

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Both printers are connected via usb

That's understood.

When you click Add Printer (or a later step), a list of available options should be presented. What was there?

This is how it looked before adding the printer.

This is not cups web interface. Please try to understand :smile: . Communication becomes difficult when a Greek and a Russian talk in English using technical terms :rofl:

I think those are the different protocols list, that I was talking about.
Try adding each one, and maybe one of them has better behavior.


The result is the same

P. S. The printer display still shows the job processing.