Problem with chaotic-aur :floorp

I don’t know if this the right place to post this, I think there is a problem with chaotic-aur :floorp
What I experienced:
→ Add Web Panel option in the side bar not working
→ On startup, “http://floorp/” always starts - not that it goes anywhere
N.b: Only happened when I was using the chaotic-aur version, flatpaks is working just fine

Use firedragon :slight_smile:



can be changed in the settings

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I use firedragon, I love it, infact Its my daily driver :sweat_smile:. Just needed to test something out in a browser I could destroy.

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When you click on add to panel, a popup comes that gives you the option to add something to the side bar on the left

If it were that easy, I would already have done it. The thing is , it does not do that. You can test it out.

Why do this?

Well, I wanna learn how to mess around with browsers, and of course I don’t want to harm the browser I am currently using. I thought that maybe I could play around with floorp, then I discovered this.

That’s exactly how that’s supposed to work :upside_down_face:

Works for me™

:sweat_smile:. It didn’t for me when I was playing around with it. Will probably try it sometime later and update you.

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