Problem on launching cinnamon

I installed cinnamon on garuda Linux and it crashes as soon as it is launched(as shown in the following video. Can anyone help me identifying the problem?

It looks like a graphics driver /compositor issue.

Do you happen to have nvidia graphics on that computer? And if so, did you install the proper nvidia graphics info to go with it?

Note - I have never had nvidia anything, or have ever had to deal with them. BUT, I know it can be very problematic.

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Ya sorry, but none of the forum support staff are going to waste their time watching users videos. There's only one acceptable method on the Garuda forum for posting information about your system. Here's a clue it's not pictures or videos.

The only acceptable medium for posing for help on technical help requests is textual system specifications and textual log outputs.

When you are ready to post information about your system in an acceptable manner your thread will be unlocked. Edit your original post to include required info please.

The information on properly posting and formatting your system specs are detailed on the wiki:

Sorry to have to go to this extreme, but asking people politely to post as text simply gets ignored and more drastic measures appear required for compliance.

This is not youtube or facebook.