Problem in find-the-command

I don't know much about how this works, but Garuda has a feature that when we type a package name in terminal it searches for it in repos and show that it is in this repo and you can install it.

But right now I'm facing a issue with it when I execute for eg "geekbench"

This is being displayed, it is very very big so uploaded on pastebin, I think the log is just repeating itself but anyway I posted the whole.

Whats's the problem. :thinking:

find-the-command: "geekbench" is not found locally, searching in repositories...

"geekbench" may be found in package "chaotic-aur/geekbench"

What would you like to do? 


Seems GNOME problem :slight_smile:

Open issue in git :slight_smile:

Skip GNOME :slight_smile:


okay got it whats the problem
you need pkgfile installed

added it to fish config dependancy next update will have it


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