Prevent file explorer memory

Hello everyone, apologies if there has already been answered I didn't know what terms to use to search for it .
Every time I open my dolphin I see this, I see a long list of tabs of my previous navigations.
I would like to know how to clear this history whenever I close the dolphin.
Thank you in advance.

Try to go to Settings -> Configure Dolphin ->Startup
It could be a matter of unflagging "Open new folders in tabs" and/or "Show on startup", or something else, just check the options there.

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I also want to know. I checked but I don't see any option to clear or turn off recent files.

If you close them once manually, then, with the settings above, you shouldn't see the new tabs anymore.

Exactly right, and for future vistors: Configure dolphin can be found by clicking the hamburger button inside a dolphin window > actions for current view > Properties

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