Prettier bootloader for UEFI devices?

I'm on my second day of using Garuda KDE Dr460nized and I really how the team created a beautiful operating system based on Arch.

When I boot into GRUB, I find it MUCH better than Ubuntu's one (I would compare this to Manjaro's take on their boot selection) but since everything about this edition is supposed to look AMAZING then why not the bootloader? :wink:

rEFInd isn't the best looking bootloader in my opinion, BURG is. The problem is that BURG is old + deprecated, so it's not practical anymore.

Here is a picture of a BURG boot screen that I would love to see on a Garuda installation:


I would love it if for UEFI devices in the installation you could provide an option for a more user-friendly bootloader. This is not at all a priority since most of your time is spent in operating systems, not in the bootloader :grin:, but regardless it would be a nice addition.

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Grub is required for snapshot restore integration with timeshift in the grub boot menu.


Don't you think providing different ISOs for UEFI and MSDOS installation media is an overkill?

Maybe you can propose or provide a nice looking grub theme, according to your taste?

Not that it would be used, but just for the fun... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi there!

We already have had a discussion over reEFInd as well as Burg and a lot of other bootloaders, but we had to reside with current one, especially due to timeshift.


LOL when I was writing this post I thought of how it would be implemented, and providing different ISOs was what came to mind first.

I was thinking that post-installation, the setup assistant would provide an option if you wanted to install a different bootloader depending on if you had UEFI enabled.

Garuda Suckless will use rEFInd in the live installation image, as it's much smaller then GRUB, and I will definitely make a page about configuring it in the manual, but until rEFInd or BURG or any other bootloader supports BTRFS snapshots, we will not switch to it.


Might seem a bit unnecessary and overkill, but perhaps the Garuda Linux team could code their own custom bootloader just for the distribution, one that provides this integration?

Or they could send a request to the rEFInd team to include this integration...

That's more realistic. You could even do it yourself if you have some spare time


A quick search reveals this (written in 2018):

BURG is old and no longer maintained.

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yeah, that was already mentioned in the post.

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Deprecated didn't mean no longer maintained to me :wink:

Edit: I hate grub...but that's about all that works these days. Someone needs to fork/update something for choice (lol).


There's always place for some improvement.
Something like a smart grub theme, like the PrettyGrub project :wink: