Power profiles not working

Was forced to switch distros as xerolinux has been discontinued, so have installed garuda on my HP elite book 840 g3.

The power profile is stuck in a different position everytime boot it up, and when you drag it to a different option it just snaps back to where it was at.

It worked fine on xerolinux also with linux-zen kernel. It does seem to work randomly on some boots with it functioning properly, so when turn it on have to keep rebooting until it works correctly.

I have tried lts and mainline kernel with no change, any advice would be appreciated.

I’m also curious about power profiles. It seems like when I start a game, the fan kicks in to lift off mode. I figured I could switch to a power saving mode and keep the temp down, but changing the power profile seems to have no effect.

You can change your default PPD profile based on different conditions within KDE’s power settings. For example, you can lower or increase performance based on if you are running under battery or wall power.

The default configuration file loaded by PPD itself is found here: /var/lib/power-profiles-daemon/state.ini

I can understand how that’s useful for most cases, but say I’m running on battery and am using a code editor, so I have it set to power save. Then I decide to take a break and play a game, and I can’t adjust slider to balanced or performance so that my game doesn’t lag.

It’s really helpful to save battery when you don’t have access to a charger, and so for now if I want a different power profile I have to keep restarting until I am lucky enough to have it start up in balanced or performance mode.

Is there anyway to be able to use the slider to adjust performance as opposed to having to plug the laptop into power?

Checked the state.ini in var/lib/power-profile-daemon and it says to start in balanced, which rn on this boot is stuck in performance and can’t change it.

Is there a way to enable Power profile control from Battery and performance widget?

Please open a new help request and follow the template. It would also be good to know exactly which widget you are talking about.

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I have decided to switch to Manjaro which completely fixed the issue.

The widget I’m referring to is the one setup by default on dr460nized kde. If you install this on any laptop then you will get a power widget in your tray which shows the battery percentage and time remaining, and has a checkbox which allows you to force prevent the screen from sleeping, etc. It allows you to also switch your power consumption from power save - balanced - performance in that order. Every reboot presents a different bugged position that it’s either stuck in one of those settings and very rarely will it actually allow me to switch between them.

It presents no error codes, just doesn’t work.