Post your AI-Generated Garuda Wallpapers and Art (from Midjourney, Wombo, Leonardo, etc.)

I'll start :blush:

Don't worry sgs and tillidie, yours are still way better :smiley:


the last one has two wings, two arms and two legs lol

Just a dragon eagle. :smiley:
By the way, I have seen AI artworks with much more errors :wink:

Just wondering if there are many of these almost square monitors left?

For these 1024x1024 images.


We have been taken over by A.I :rofl: :rofl:


yeah there are. 3 years back as I was preparing for my JEE exams my maths teacher used to record every lecture he takes everyday and upload it on a local server for all the students to view at any time if they missed a class. He had a huge number of computers for all his students and most of the monitors were these almost square ones. They were quite old too.

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Nah ! still many things are missing in it , for example it doesn't look modern, it looks more like logos of monarch rulers .

Hehe.. I am currently preparing for it :grin:


Me too, these are actually pretty good! Especially the wings/feathers, they seem to be an error-prone feature but these ones are not bad.

If you look closely enough, there are oddities with pretty much any AI art--although it does seem to be getting better. For whatever reason, AI continues to struggle with hands; it seems like maybe eagle hands/claws sort of fall into that same area where the AI artist doesn't really understand what they are supposed to look like.

Yikes, accident down at the saw mill? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This one seems to have a double (or triple?) left leg, with a very root-like claw which does not match the other side at all:

This image may or may not give me nightmares:

I thought this was an interesting article that does sort of shed some light on at least why AI hands are frequently so off:

The linked Twitter thread I found abolutely hilarious to read through (redirected to Nitter here).

Another weird thing AI artists do is they will leave random "floating" elements the art, almost like an idea that didn't finish getting incorporated into the image the artist got distracted partway through, but just left it.

Check out these circling birds, that all seem to be sort of half-drawn:

Still, even if they require a skilled post-processing effort I think AI images are getting really good. Recently in the news, an artist won an award for a photo but then came out and announced he was not accepting the award, because he had submitted an AI-generated image as a stunt.



It surely is a lot more convincing at the B&W photography department than the illustrations. I suppose it comes down to fine training at the end of the day, but it's also a much more defined style that follows the rules of physical perspective... so less room for "bloopers"


lol I got one in my closet. My school started throwing them out, and decided to raffle them off.

It looks absolutely terrible and the image is awful, but it would probably work as a server console

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This turned out to be fun, and before I knew I ended up collecting just short of a thousand images.
Some are decent enough to be posted:

"Linux Garuda" / "Garuda Linux":





"Garuda Arch":

"eagle stone arch":


"penguins programming computers":


and this is "Mean Ruse writing a shell script":

Images are from (the square ones) and