Post-install password not working on boot

Have recently downloaded Garuda Hyprland live iso Image and crafted a VM for such. Immediately after launch user: garuda pass: garuda opens a brief terminal screen dump, and then back to login prompt. Can anyone help myself navigate this? Please and Thank You…

In general it would be good to stat with the posting the garuda-inxi

If you know how you should try using the LTS kernel, sometimes it works better.


Please post your garuda-inxi like @Mantion already said.

“Post-install password + user: garuda pass: garuda” ← This doesn’t match, these are the live.iso login details - unless you actually chose “garuda” as the user/PWD during installation. Please explain this to us in more detail.

The topic of “login loop” has come up here several times, have you ever used the search function?

btw: It is not recommended to install garuda in virtual machines.


Nvidia GPU …


Want to create bootable thumb-drive but for now using vm and as you said have heard it not being as compatible. Is live image iso PWD different from ‘HYPRLAND’ general image?

User and password are garuda

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I can only tell you my experience with Garuda-Hyprland in a VM: it never worked → login loop ← no workaround helped - but that was a long time ago. I don’t know what it’s like now, others can say more about that. It runs smoothly for me on bare metal.

username: garuda / password: garuda is only for the live session. During installation you create your own login data and of course you have to enter it after a reboot.



I’m sorry, you do not follow the template to post your garuda-inxi log or answer on


So, if you can’t edit your first post, I made it a wiki now, open new help request and follow the template.

I moved it to 412 Precondition Failed


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