Portable SSD Empty After switching computers

I am not sure if anyone can help but I am still willing to ask but, I used a Portable SSD plugged in VIA USB, and i stored a couple of files in through Garuda Linux, but when I went to plug it in a different computer that is using windows, it said that it was empty, so I switched back to Linux now the files are completely gone and I cant get them back.

Is their anyway to retain/show the files again, and if not, how can stop this from happening in the future.

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I would really like those files back they were important.

EDIT: I already did try using teskdisk and looking online for help, but when I try to use teskdisk, it wont find the deleted files that was created on linux, but it does find other files.

Am I probably doing someting wrong, but according to tutorials I found, it doesnt work for me.

Is their any possible that a file CAN ACTUALLY PERMANENTLY DELETED, to the point you cant get them back?

Problem has not been fixed yet.

Search for different file systems on M$ and linux. M$ can't read ext4, btrfs ...

Please search the web before you open here a help request.

I think you click enter for repair or something in M$.
Use testdisk to restore the data.


Windows would also have prompted with a "Do you want to format it now?" (or similar question), and won't have touched it unless you said "Yes".

Don't click Yes on buttons in Windows. Ever. :grin:

Yes, which is why having backups is important.