Polkit rule

Setting a polkit rule to access my disk/partitions without having to enter a password or clicking on every disk/partitions every time I boot my system

Hello & thank you for your great work.

This one not only apply to Garude Hyprland but to almost all Arh install I’ve try.

I have try different polkit rule from the internet and even chatgpt suggestion without success :frowning:

I should confess I’m a little bit at lost here.

Any suggestion?

Thank you all

Just edit /etc/fstab and mount the volumes.
Or use gnome-disk-utility for that.

I think you read the template. I move it to Issues & Assistance


My setup:

Take ownership of /mnt/ using Rootactions from Dolphins’s rightclick menu
Create my mount folders
launch Gnome-Disk
select one of my secondary drives
Rightclick on one of the new folders and select Copy Location
Click one the corresponding drive name in Ghome-Disk
Selecect it’s settings
Select Edit Mount Options
Toggle off Use Session Defaults
Check Mount on startup
Hi-lite and replace the location in Mount Point with the path of the folder you copied from /mnt/

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