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Hi, newbie here just setup garuda KDE dragonized64 it's great everything has setup ok, mail,ect...
have switched from Windows and had plex media server on that system. I really need help in setting
this up on linux which version of plex server do i need and how do i install it.
Any help would be appreciated.

sudo pacman -S plex-media-server
systemctl enable --now plexmediaserver.service

and then browse to http://localhost:32400/web/

I can highly suggest doing some of your own research first before asking questions such as these. Further info in this article: Plex - ArchWiki


Thanks TNE any info is appreciated will try your suggestion and see how i get .
many thanks

Hi, again TNE got the server working can watch plex content, but am unable access to local drives with my media any ideas. Thanks

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Check the owner/permissions of the shared drive/folders/files/media you wish to access


How is your media folders setup? What partition type, is it internal or external drives? Can you view the media in your file manager?

Thanks for your reply, apologies have been away, will check that out

drives are internal, I can access them in file manager and have looked at them played video ,audio,
and picture files so no problem there. Will keep trying as i'm a newbie only installed system yesterday bit a steep learning curve after years of running Windows say no more he.he

I'm guessing that when you go to mount media drives in Plex you cant see the drives. Its a permission issue and i suspect if youve been using Windows the drives are NTFS.

Essentially you will need to reconfigure how your fstab mounts the drives.

Let me find you a link


Anything you need for getting Plex or Emby up and properly running in a Arch based distro is on their respective forums. As TNE said just do the research.

If you're not going to be running Windows any longer I'd suggest you convert your data partitions / drives to EXT4 if you have free space to do so.


I agree, this is very good advice and I hope it is not overlooked.

Perhaps related to the lack of maintenance Paragon has given to their NTFS driver that was added to the kernel way back in October (and not touched since), I'm afraid we see a lot of broken NTFS drives in the forum. It's one thing if you are pinned down by Windows, but if not get that junky filesystem out of there.


You need to set those files ownership to PLEX and the group to PLEX.
I having a PLEX server on Ubuntu and I had the same issue. But if you change the ownership of your media folders (or the whole drive if there is just your plex library) to PLEX then PLEX immediately will recognize them without any issue. If you add movies to your library then you also need to change their ownership. Otherwise they'll "ghost" around there and can't bee seen by PLEX. :slight_smile:

in your library drive/main folder do:

sudo chown -R plex plex *

Should do the trick :slight_smile:
Caution! The R must be a capital R for recursive apply.
Sure, after changing the ownership you need to restart the plex service for it to recognize :wink:


With Plex or Emby Garuda is the only Arch based distro that I've come across where I actually have to do more than rightclick in the particular media folder, give ownership to active user under rootactions and have either program work perfectly with the current content and any content added to the folder later.

Actually you just need to allow plex access to those files/folders. Add the user plex to a group you wish to have access to the files. Plex does not need to own any of those files, just need access.

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to get the folder shown on plex ( i have it on a separate nas devices ) i always run

doas setfacl -m u:plex:rx /run/media/$USERNAME/

Not to argue doas for a way to complete the OPs question, but this is a non standard Arch command to complete a standard sudo command. Answers should take into consideration what the OP has access to or include how to install software that is not default.

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True but owning works flawlessly and I can manipulate the files with my user without any issues. I just add my user to group plex :smiley:

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