Plex media server

Hi i have installed plex media server through the add software program but i cant find it within any categories in Garuda. do i need to start the plex service within terminal to see and use it.

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systemctl status plex


IDK but services need

systemctl enable --now plex.service
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Hi i followed your commands and got a reply saying, failed to enable unit: unit file plex.service does not exist

How I said, if it is a service then ...

Start here ...

systemctl enable --now plexmediaserver.service

Hi did that and did not get an error message, under plexmediaserver status it is now active. how do i get to it .


Please read the above wiki page carefully, for example this section:


Hi Jonathan thanks for the tip. i read the page. i managed to get onto my plex so thank you again

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Hi SGS thanks for the advice, between you and Jonathan i got it sorted. thanks for the quick reply.
keep up the good work.


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