Please work on krishna os

hello everyone,
I would like to express my heartiest congratulation to the garuda linux team for developing an amazing OS . you will be very surprised to know i have tried many flavors of linux from time to time but garuda linux has caught my mind , probably because its just the aura of garuda devta .
Coming to my main point can the Garuda linux team develop and OS for krishna bhagwan it would totally magical.

Hi there, welcome to the community.

Sorry, we can't make Shree Krishna OS, because then, somebody would ask for Shree Ganesha OS or Mahadev OS etc. We can't create OS for each Hindu God. So....

Second thing is, as far as I know, When @ librewish named Garuda, he meant eagle in Hindi / Marathi, and not Garuda Devta.
We would like to keep holy Hindu Gods separate from this project.


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