Please never post Garuda issues on the Arch forum

A big "Hi there" to those of you new to Garuda.

If you are unfamiliar with Arch based distros there are a few things you might not be aware of. Garuda is based on Arch, but this does not mean it is exactly the same as Arch Linux. While Garuda is similar to Arch, this does not mean you are free to post your Garuda help issues on the Arch forum. There are several reasons for this.

Even though Garuda tracks very closely with upstream Arch, there are many Garuda specific packages that a standard Arch install does not contain. Therefore, asking for support on the Arch forum will lead to nothing but confusion for those attempting to provide support there. The Arch forum support staff does not want to deal with the confusion created by a myriad of other derivative distro users asking for help on the Arch forum.

For this reason it has been a long standing Arch forum rule that no users of derivitave distros are permitted to post issues on the Arch Linux forum.

The Arch rule states:

These boards are for the support of Arch Linux, and Arch ONLY

If you have installed Archbang, Antergos, Chakra, Evo/Lution, Manjaro, Whatever, you are NOT running Arch Linux. Similarly, if you followed some random video on YouTube or used an automated script you found on a blog, you are NOT running Arch Linux, so do not expect any support, sympathy or anything but your thread being closed and told to move along.

Arch is a DIY distro: if someone else has done it for you, then showing up here asking to have your hand held for more help is just help vampirism and is not welcome.

Anyone who registers on the Arch forum must agree to adhere to this rule when they open an Arch forum account.

As our Distro attracts more and more users, our forums have become very busy. We try our best to help all users with problems in a timely manner. However, we only have a small number of people assisting on our forum. It may take some time to get your issue addressed here, but that still does not justify violating the Arch furum rules. Recently a disturbing trend has started to occur. More and more Garuda users impatient for an answer on the Garuda forum are opening help requests on the Arch forum as well.

This reflects very poorly on Garuda, that our users are repeatedly violating rules at the Arch forum. For this reason anyone found to be posting Garuda issues on the Arch Linux forum will be receiving a warning from the Garuda moderation staff in an effort to curb this behavior.

We have nothing but respect and admiration for the Arch Linux distro here, and would like our users to respect their forum rules as well as ours. Please never post Garuda issues on the Arch Linux forum.

Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.