Please how do I change default terminal in hyperland, super+enter not set in conf

Hello friends

I love the Hyperland edition, but would like xfce4-terminal to open with the super+ENTER key binding instead of foot. I have looked at the hyperland.conf and the binding doesn’t seem set there, Have searched this forum, and hyperland wiki, asked gemini, I’m sure i have missed something simple, coming from I3wm, thanks.

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Change the highlighted line in ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf from footclient to xfce4-terminal.


well i feel dumb( the 36 that put me off) thank you BluishHumility, will garuda-inxi next time, Cheers.

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I highly recommend using Stephan’s .dot files. It makes life in Hyprland so easy and you can do what your wanting and more:

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