Please delete or anonymize my account

I don’t really have time for the great forum and I registered for something else (@dr460nf1r3 knows why).
That’s why I decided to continue to only be active in archforum.

@BluishHumility Without you the community wouldn’t be half as good. But i agree with @tbg, support for garuda and the community should come first. There are enough topics that don’t get an answer. And yes - anything is better than dealing with topics that are caused by nVidia’s shitty proprietary user space drivers :slight_smile: But windows boot issues can usually be solved quickly with little effort, and if not - then it belongs in a windows forum. Bring your windows skillz to the high level of your linux skillz, then you’ll understand what I mean.
You’re a clever guy and I don’t want to tell you what to do. But maybe, it would perhaps make more sense to fix the calamares linker error to the wrong in the current dr460nized-iso`s than to bloating topics with windows boot problems to +30 posts in the garuda forum :wink:

Thanks to all Garuda maintainers and the community for a great Linux distribution.


There are many people here who do not use Garuda but stay here because we have known and appreciated each other for years.
So there is really no need to be anonymous.
Think about it again, if you don’t contact me again, I will do it next year.

Happy New Year and have a good one.


What you guys are failing to appreciate is these folks are Garuda community members. Dual-booting Windows doesn’t make you an exile from the Garuda Linux community, as far as I am concerned.

As for threads that don’t get answered, that isn’t because I spend all of my free time troubleshooting Windows dual-boot issues and I just don’t have another moment to spare for something else. Maybe you are not going to believe this (:smirk:) but there are issues I don’t actually know the answer to. :exploding_head:

In that case I have a suggestion where we both get what we want. :grin:

If I were able to fix the Calamares issue I would have done it already. That issue is affecting all the spins by the way, not just KDE. Anyway, that one is a bit beyond my skill set I’m afraid. I believe TNE is going to have a look because some source code needs to be changed.

I agree with SGS, I hope you will reconsider keeping your account because it has been fun having you around. If not, no hard feelings I hope and I’ll see you around in the Arch forums.


Just as an explanation to this whole scenario: we are aware of those but since these are not official builds (official are those in the latest folder, which are also the ones linked at our homepage) it shouldn’t really be that much of an issue. This isn’t a simple rebuild but something which seems to require either an update to the patchset or source code itself, which not everyone is capable of. Since TNE was busy setting up our new building infrastructure with me, there hasn’t been anyone doing it until now :saluting_face:


Please reconsider leaving the forum TurboTux, as you will be missed. All the best in the new year my friend. :peace_symbol:


Can someone please explain who TurboTux is? confused? :smiley:


I think my wife uses it for tax preparation.