PLease can i join garuda team i really want to be in

PLease can i join garuda team i really want to be in i will be it will be my hounour to join garuda team :grinning: iam using arch linux 8 years and i am also indian


Welcome to the community.


Aside from your lineage, what should make us add you to the team?


It depends on how much do you contribute to the community
All the admins keep watching your activities , and according to how much you help others, you are promoted to new trust levels and how much do you contribute to Garuda linux

I like to read these kinds of requests , that really shows that how much people are interested in garuda :smiley:

(One secrete, everyone wish to be a member of garuda team :grin:
Me included too :joy:)


It is awesome that you want to contribute to the project @EpicV. Generally however, most people working for the project have some kind of track record of contributing to FOSS projects in the past.

Have you been involved in any open source projects in any way in the past? Do you have any coding skills? While these are not firm prerequisites they certainly help if you are an unknown quantity who has only very recently joined the forum.

The best way to get noticed and get an invitation is to either help other users on the forum or contribute via pull requests on the Garuda Gitlab.

Your enthusiasm is refreshing, keep on keepin on, and welcome to the Garuda community. :+1:


I have coding skills i know c++ java python and created some game AAA games (
i have company also pls its will be my honour to be with devlopers and but i want to be in garuda team because it is my passion to be with amazing devlopers like you please and i want to help other people aside i want to be a part of team

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Just a suggestion, but maybe you could suggest some improvements and make such improvements and commits on the Garuda Gitlab page and make some pull requests. That way you can show your programming skills and knowledge of Garuda in terms of Linux and how you could directly impact and help the development of such distribution and its tools.


"AAA" is normally used to describe large-budget games from development studios rather than a low-resolution indie like "Tow Truck".

That's great - so start helping. You don't need to be part of any team to do that.


We have different definitions of AAA, I guess...

Like has been stated multiple times... with any open source project, you have the ability to pull code, make some changes and create pull requests to contribute. You dont need to be part of a team to help out, if you really wanted.

In regards to the forum, helping users out with topics is as easy as replying to a post. The only difference you will see being a "member/mod" is having unchecked power to perform functions that you haven't demonstrated the discipline or wisdom to wield...


Just i want to be part of Garuda linux Development team and I am a good devloper my games are proof that I can code C++ Java python python 3 just i want to be Garuda devloper and it is my passion

Just say yes or no so i know i am eligible my humble request :blush:

I love to be Garuda devloper

Do you know what Garuda is?


I think it has been made clear that answering this question right now won't happen. Prove yourself, be a part of the community - after that such a request can be discussed :slight_smile:


Think they are trying a little to hard for my liking! :thinking:


No disrespect meant to you EpicV as I'm sure you're a nice person and you do seem very eager and passionate which is a good thing, but I've seen you post in at least one place recently a reply to an issue which isn't relevant or doesn't take into account what has already been written in the thread. If you want any shot of joining the group such as this, then please, don't just read the title and post something that isn't relevant or helpful. Just a tip from me to you because the Garuda team while exceptionally skilled, also have their ways about them and skills such as reading the thread and posting relevant information and things to help solve issues. If you ever want to join this team, then please read, give good advice, and you will become a respected member hopefully in the future. Anyway good luck, this thread can probably be closed anyway as you're getting similar answers. In short though, contribute, communicate, read, and probe yourself as a valued member of this forum and show why you should be part of the team. But that will take months of effort of good communication and display of skills maybe via pull requests. Have a good day!


it's so nice to see a legitimate meritocracy in action.

God, i miss the 80's and 90's - when someone's nation of origin or gender wasn't included in their resume because IT DIDN'T &^%#% MATTER.

I also miss when people weren't such snowflakes like today's generation


I may be wrong, but if this is about my post, as someone who knows the 80's and 90's well, my sarcasm should not have escaped you :smiley:


So can I be developer i know everything about OS Kernel GPU BIOS
Wanna be a devloper

I am a good and skilled person

oh i caught it lol
my comment was in regards to the aggregate results of this particular thread which, personally, i find most refreshing =-)