Playing game ROMs legally acquired

I found this distro as a gaming one. I have a game console with, supposedly, thousands of games from classic games. The console which runs some form of Linux was legally acquired and paid for. As I have access to the ROMs partition, can I use those under Garuda Linux ? If Garuda is not meant to play ROMs from game cartridge, please just tell me and I will not insist. I just want to see a way to re-use the ROMs from this huge game collection I acquired.

Thank You :slight_smile:

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Yes, there are several emulators you can use to play legally owned game ROMs. Each has their pros and cons and whatever works best is up to you. But yes, it works, go hard and have fun.


I prefer illegally owned ROMs myself lol


The Arch Wiki always :slight_smile:

Game Environments


Grab retro arch from garuda gamer an you’ll be good to go. Or if its only one system just grab the emulator for it.


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