Plasma Widgets not working

For a few days I am encountering a issue with my desktop.
Every time I start my PC there is this ugly wallpaper and no widgets or icons are showing.
Also I am turning off PC by the terminal because power buttons from application launcher are gone.

Please help me :slight_smile:

Last time this happened to me, I had accidentally logged in as "guest".

Make sure you can read and write to the files in ~/.config/plasma-workspace

If that's correct, you'll probably have to restore ~/.config/plasma-workspace from backup.


In ~/.config/plasma-workspace I have two folders (env and shutdown)
Both are empty and I have read and write access there

My apologies. I misremembered. The files are in the ~/.config directory, and are:

  • plasma_calendar_astronomicalevents (calendar settings for various widgets)
  • plasma_calendar_holiday_regions (calendar settings for various widgets)
  • plasma-dataengine-extsysmon.conf (Widget access to system info settings)
  • plasma.emojierrc (I dunno.)
  • plasma-localerc (Language/numerics settings)
  • plasma-nm (Network Manager settings)
  • plasmanotifyrc (Notifications setting)
  • plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc Every other setting - desktop settings (including wallpaper and wallpaper engine) widget placement, size, specific options, etc) :arrow_left: This is the really important one.

Infrequently, plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc can be corrupted. If you have read/write to it, and it's there, then restore from backup is your best tack.


Just check your user name :man_shrugging:

... etc...

Everything there looks OK.

Also I forgot to mention that I am not able to add widgets to my desktop.
Every time I click on the desktop and chose add Widget... nothing hapend.

Let me just try with my usual couple of dumb suggestions :blush:

  1. Try restore default settings from Garuda assistant
  2. Create a new user and check how it looks like
  1. Doesn't help. I was setting it back on until now.

  2. New user is working without problem. But when I log back into my main it is broken again.

Also I noticed that my PC is starting extremely slow now. It was booting up within a few seconds and now it is more than minute.

Well, with 2. I actually meant to see if it was working and then use the new user, transfering the relevant files.
I understand you'd have to reconfigure a lot of things, but at least you have a backup solution...

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This can become your opportunity to learn more about how linux and kde work.
If you don't have time for that, just use the new user.

Do not forget, when using sudo/root power to administer your system, you need to be responsible, having read relevant manuals, wikis etc., or it is not unexpected to break your system. :man_shrugging:


As @petsam has intimated if you have messed something by using root when you shouldn't, you could try resetting all permissions to the default in your home user directory.

Just a thought.