Plasma: show running applications with with icon labels on panel

Pardon my personal preferences but on Plasma dragonized , how can I get icons with labels on the panel?
I mean similar to "task manager" style.

Replace the "Icons-only Task Manager" with the "Task Manager"

So wait a minute, right now I seem to have latte and not a traditional panel at all.
I think that is the default set up for kde dragonized
How should I proceed? Delete the latte dock or what?

You don’t need to delete the whole dock. The task manager is widget inside the dock. Just right click on it, remove the “Latte Tasks” and replace it with “Task Manager” widget.

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Thanks. I don't think I had Latte Tasks at all, so I just clicked on add widgets, added Task Manager, dragged it to the middle of the panel, and wow. It's what I wanted.
I mean, I didn't have Latte Tasks at the top panel. I do have it at the bottom, but it can stay where it is, it's good.


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