Plasma-firewall seems active but ufw is not

Hello Garuda users.

I have installed plasma-firewall to get the item directly on System Setting and is Active, I have UFW installed.
Seems ok but if I put on Konsole the command sudo ufw status it is inactive.
There is something strange, plasma-firewall active but the core firewall that is ufw in not active.
Probably better uninstall plasma-firewall and stay with ufw making it active but before this action I want understand why this difference between plasma-firewall and ufw

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing in plasma-firewall?

It looks like this KDE bug, old but not really considered or confirmed so far.

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Ok, so to be safe I will uninstall plasma-firewall and use GUFW, active UFW and forget it. Because plasma-firewall has wrong info, there are 2 month I thougth fw is active but is not

To enable ufw on boot automatically enter the below commands in terminal.

systemctl enable ufw
systemctl start ufw

Is exactly what I did:

sudo systemctl enable ufw --now
systemctl status ufw
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status verbose

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