Plasma 5 Wayland by default

Hi. I've been running Arch Linux via the Anarchy installer for about a year now and I thought I'd give Garuda KDE Dr460nized a go. I love it! Smooth installation and daily running. There's obviously been a lot of work put into the consistent look and feel of KDE Plasma 5. One question/request though - why is X11 xorg still the default display server engine installed by default? I found that it meant slightly jumpy rendering of the latte top panel and dock when booting into plasma 5, and some weird rendering of gtk apps including but not limited to the default Pamac software manager (rendered weird patches of black around the perimeter of the window), even with gtk3-nocsd installed. I installed plasma-wayland-protocols and plasma-wayland-session and swapped to plasma 5 wayland session from the SDDE login screen and all those weird gtk rendering problems stopped and also plasma 5 overall seemed a heck of a lot smoother. Anyone have any thoughts about making wayland the default for new installs? Cheers.

I agree with you, except it leaves all those Nvidia people out in the cold.

Oh yea, forgot about that elephant in the room. What could be done though is an additional entry in the "Garuda Settings Manager" could be included like "Swap to smoother Garauda Wayland (not for NVIDIA graphics)" or something of that sort? Or maybe included as part of the welcome app?

I'm currently using Wayland in KDE Dr460nized. KDE isn't stable yet with Wayland. The most annoying bug is that right-click menu vanishes in Dolphin frequently and editing Latte Dock's top panel also vanishes most of the times (this can be fixed by an environment variable to force Qt apps to use Xwayland, but that's still as same as using X11)..
I can use it with such a bug but new users and some existing users will stop using Garuda and look for some alternative, if this is implemented by default now :sweat_smile:
Of course Kwin Wayland is the future, but it isn't yet good enough to be implemented by default in KDE.


This topic came up earlier and as explained in the linked thread its not yet reasonable stable to be the default for everyone. I'm using the Wayland session myself currently and overall love how smooth it feels, definitely! There are however a few things which happen from time to time and these are crashes!

 λ coredumpctl | rg kwin
Sat 2021-05-22 21:16:40 CEST   1149 1000 1001 SIGSEGV present   /usr/bin/kwin_wayland           12.2M
Sat 2021-05-22 21:56:52 CEST 511485 1000 1001 SIGSEGV present   /usr/bin/kwin_wayland            9.2M
Sun 2021-05-23 19:24:54 CEST   2469 1000 1001 SIGSEGV present   /usr/bin/kwin_wayland           12.3M

As you can see 3 crashes happened in the last 2 days alone - crashing kwin_wayland means the complete desktop restarts and programs will lose progress. As pointed out by @SameExpert, some people like us are actually not put off by that but the majority will lash out and blame Garuda for being buggy and they would be right doing so.
Another topic is compatibility of applications used. Lets take Kdenlive as example, this one currently just crashes if launched using Wayland. This requires workarounds which might not be feasible for end users.
Yet another topic is missing functionality of well known applications such as all screenshotting tools, screen capturing or VNC sessions (I'm not sure they dont work yet but I think I read something like this). Actually, KwinFT is working on providing Kwin with wlroots as backend which make this easier as tools which are working with wlroots might be compatible with KDE then. I'm tracking its progress, its quite an interesting approach for sure.
So yeah, Plasma + Wayland = pretty cool & interesting topic but its net ready for people who aren't ready to bear with some issues & doing some manual work.
Actually it would help a lot of the people using Wayland session would do bugreports on the KDE bugtracker to get help get Wayland viable for daily use :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the thoughts everyone, very interesting reading. Yes I have to admit I have been subconsciously persevering with the right-mouse-click-picker-menu disappearing a moment after it appears. Doing the clicking repeatedly seems to work around for me but ultimately I'm willing to put up with that little niggle until they iron that out - I'll try the environment variable suggestion. All I can say though is that Wayland+Garuda+Plasma.5.22 is a very pleasant experience overall for non-nvidia machines and I am now running Garuda that way on my two machines - highly recommended with the above caveat niggle.