Plasma 5.21 Bad Task Switcher Performance

Hi, and just let me say thank you for the absolutely gorgeous Linux experience! This is a fantastic distro, and the first one that tempted me into dumping Windows entirely. However, I have had a problem with the task switching animation since upgrading to Plasma 5.21. The animation frequently glitches and does not feel smooth at all anymore. Enabling the FPS counter somehow fixes it, but that's not a great long-term solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi cchinh & welcome.

There are many settings you can adjust under General Behavior and Desktop Effects.

You can also right click on your panel, select Configure Icons Only Task Manager and play with the settings there as well.

If your animations worked in Garuda prior to your recent update to 5.21 ... there may be some minor bugs since the fresh paint isn't yet dry. Since Garuda is a full rolling-release distro, you get the newest first ... but that can come with some small issues here and there. Best to update every day or so as there should be frequent fixes to little issues after fresh release.

You can also try the alternative panel called "latte dock" from the software center ... where you can add widgets in order to mimick the default panel. The benefit is that you can make your panel transparent, as well as some extra settings. You'd want to install the latte-dock-git package from the chaotic-aur.



Hi, and thanks so much for the help! Nothing I did seemed to fix it in the long run, so I guess it's just a Kwin bug or something. Even still, this distro is amazing, and thank you so much!

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